Sadler Family


HART COUNTY, GA  MARRIAGES 1854-1898. Compiled from the marriage records of white citizens by the Savannah River Valley Genealogical Society, c 1990 .




     Groom                            Bride                                Date

Sadler, James R.          Corry, Mrs. Ann D.             Feb 26, 1860

Sadler, John C.            Suit, Coret                            Feb 2, 1896

Sadler, John C.            Teasley, E. O. A.                 Jan 22, 1889

Sadler, Joseph            Campbell, Mattie                  Feb 7, 1896




      Bride                                  Groom                          Date

Sadler, Lizzie J.              Teasley, Thomas W.      Feb 6, 1879

Sadler, Martha S.            Rice, A. W.                       Feb 22, 1855




Black Marriage Records, Hart County, GA Vol. I — 1866-1923

From “Marriage Records, Colored”, books “A” and “B” in the Probate Judge’s Office of Hart County. By Savannah River Valley Genealogical Society, c1994.


P35  List  52 males with SADLER surname.


P78-79   List  55 females with SADLER surname.


 See copy of pages in file.


In the 1860 Slaves schedule  VOL 3:


P178 Smith’s District    p178 Reverse, Smith’s District

   SADLER, Eliza              SADLER, Rufus E.


P182 Reverse, Smith’s District       p183 Smith’s District

SADLER, James R.                            SADLER, JAS. R. (Guardian)



Obitauries Abstracted From The HARTWELL SUN, 1877-1902

By Savannah River Valley Genealogical Society.


P3,  2 JUNE 1877

SADLER, John E.  :  Died on 8 Jun 1877, He was with the drug firm of Simpson & Sadler in Anderson, SC.  He was 36 years old, born in Hart Co., He leaves his wife, the former, Mrs. Mary E. Sloan of Anderson, SC.


P13,  20 August 1879

SADLER, Foster:  Item says “the postmortem examination done on 18 Aug 1879 did not show nature of disease”.  [No date or other information given. ]


P19, 10 November 1880

SADLER, Rufus E. : died last Sat. (13 Nov1880) at his home in Hart Co. Death was from a complication of disease of over a year. He was 54 years of age. His father was William Sadler. He leaves wife and children. He died where he was born at the old homestead of his father, who with 2 or 3 brothers were staunch Presbyterian pioneer settlers of this part of Hart Co.


Obitauries Abstracted From The HARTWELL SUN, 1877-1902

By Savannah River Valley Genealogical Society.  CONT.


P41, 30 MAY 1885

SADLER, ?  (Child)   :  A little girl, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Sadler died at their home in Cartersville, GA recently. They have many friends in Hartwell area.


P46, 9 JULY 1886

SADLER, Wilbur : Died 4 Jul 1886 in Anderson, SC from fever. Leaves mother, brothers and sisters.


P55, 3 AUGUST 1888

SADLER, Fred :  Died recently in Anderson, SC at age 16  (b1872).  He was accidentally shot. He was son of David F. Sadler.


P51,  8 JULY 1887

SADLER, James A. : Died 5 Jul 1887 in Anderson Co., SC. He had been married just a few months. Father was Rufus B. (E.) Sadler.  One brother, Wilbur Sadler, preceded him in death.





Obitauries Abstracted From The HARTWELL SUN, 1877-1902

By Savannah River Valley Genealogical Society.  CONT.


P58,  17 MAY 1889

SADLER, Eliza (Mrs.)  :   Died 10 May 1889 at home of her daughter, Mrs. Thomas Teasley, at age 79. (b1810) Eliza was the widow of John Sadler. She was buried at Roberts Presbyterian Church, Anderson Co., SC.


P87,  8 JUNE 1894

SADLER, ? (Infant) : The four month old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. I. C. Sadler died 7 May 1894.  She was buried at Bethesda on 9 May 1894.



P92, 29 MARCH 1895

SADLER, Eliza O. A. (Mrs.) :  Died 23 Mar 1895 in the Reed Creek community of Hart Co. She was born 6 Apr 1868 (age at death 27). She married John Sadler in 1889. Mrs. Sadler was buried at Bethesda on 24 Mar 1895.  [Also in 17 May 1895 issue].


P99,  25 SEPTEMBER 1896

TEASLEY, Martha Jane (Mrs.) : Died 19 Sept 1896 at age 61. She was the daughter of James Sadler. She has two sisters: Mrs. J. M. Bradley, Miss Laura Sadler.


P109,  8 JULY 1898

BRADLEY, Mary Elsie (Mrs.)  : Died 3 Jul 1898  (at age 72). She was born 2 Jul 1826. Survived by spouse, Jeptha M. Bradley; daughter, Mrs. W.Y. Holland; father, James R. Sadler.


P113,  14 JULY 1899

HILL, Thomas F. : Capt. Hill died 1899 in NC at age 43. He was born in Hart Co. Survived by parents, Latimer Sadler Hill and Col. Richard S. Hill. He was a Mason.


P115,  10 November 1899

SADLER, Laura M. (Miss) : Died 3 Nov 1899 at the residence of W.Y. Holland. Survived by father James R. Sadler; and  sister, Mrs. J. M. Bradley. Buried in Hartwell Cemetery.





SEE   Cemeteries of Hart County, GA   compiled by the Savannah River Valley Genealogical Society, c1989.   Alphabetical surname listing with number codes for cemeteries, with explanation & maps in front of book.



                       1880 CENSUS HART COUNTY GA.

                                                         (White Citizens)


P48 1-1    TEASLEY, Thomas W.            26              GA GA  GA

                                    Lizzie J.                  27   wife   GA  GA  GA

                                      Lloyd                   6/12 son    GA GA GA

                 SADLER, Eliza                       68    Mother-in-law   SC SC SC




4-4   TEASLEY, Asberry         48

                            Martha         44  wife

        SADLER, Laura            46   Sister-in-law





25-26   SADLER, Rufus           52                GA SC SC

                            Catharine      40 wife         SC SC SC

                           William         22 son         GA GA SC

                           James            19  son          “     “    “

                           Wilber          13  son           “    ‘    “

                           Marie              8 son

            HARDY, Fannie          44   Sister-in-law      SC SC SC

















                                     (White citizens)


1114TH District  (Smith’s) Hart County.


153 , F#1163   TEASLEY, Isham  A.         38

                                           Martha A.         35

                        SADLER, Syntha E.      45

                                         Laura             37




154, F#1172     SADLER, Eliza         59       SC

                                        John             30

                                        Elizabeth     19

                          JONES, Mary          36

                                        Charles       13

                                        James T.     12




158, F#1198     SADLER, James R.     70

                                            Ann            63  wife,  m Feb 26 1860, former                   

                                                                                  Mrs. Ann D. Corry*

                         * CORRY, Sarah F.          29

                       STEPHENSON, Nancy    75                         



* p35, Hart County Marriages 1854-1898.

Sarah E. Corry  m  Daniel O.  Chapman  on Feb 16, 1871










(White citizens)


     SMITH’S District- Montevideo & Cold Water Post Office.


P416  F213  SADLER, Eliza                        50 F  Farmer      SC

                                     Eleon ? M.                 15  F  student

                                   Juliet E.                     12  M

                                  Elizabeth J.                  9  F

                                 William W.                18 M  Farmhand

                                   John  E.                    21 M  Farmer




P417   F216  SADLER, Rufus E.           33   M   Farmer

                                     C. L.                 23  F    Mrs.

                                William B.              2  M




P423  F280  SADLER, James R.        60  M   Farmer    SC

                                     Ann               52   F   Mrs.   m Feb 26 1860, former                  

                                                                                  Mrs. Ann D. Corry*

                                 Cyntha E.         35   F     Domestic

                                 Laura                26   F    Domestic

                     CORRY, Sarah E.        12  F

                    PARTEN, Benjamin   22 M  Overseer




In the 1860 Slaves schedule  VOL 3:


P178 Smith’s District         p178 Reverse, Smith’s District

   SADLER, Eliza                      SADLER, Rufus E.


P182 Reverse, Smith’s District         p183 Smith’s District

SADLER, James R.                            SADLER, JAS. R. (Guardian)




                     CEMETERIES IN HART COUNTY, GA



2-01  CROSS ROADS BAPTIST CEM. (Cemeteries of Hart Co, GA):

                         Hwy 77 N

Sadler, Joe W.           b Oct 17, 1906       d May 26, 1976



2-16    NORTHVIEW CEMETERY, Hartwell city:  (Cemeteries of Hart Co, GA):

                          Carolina Street, two blocks behind Post Office.

Sadler, D. Erskine           b Oct 8, 1890      d Dec 11, 1942

Sadler, Laura M.             b Oct 25, 1830    d Nov 3, 1899

Sadler, Leighton J.         b Oct 30, 1891     d Feb 28, 1966



4-05  COKESBURY METHODIST CHURCH (Cemeteries of Hart Co, GA):

                   On Hwy 77 Spur

Sadler, Ann D.            b  1812               d 1876

Sadler, Cynthia E.       b Sep 25, 1824   d May 18, 1874    D/JR & PL

Sadler, James               b Mar 25,1858   d Nov 10,1858

Sadler, James R.          b Oct 2, 1799      d. Jun 9, 1874

Sadler, O. E.                b?                        d?

Sadler, Priscilla L.       b ?                       d?                       W/James R.




5-14   REED CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH CEM.  (Cemeteries of Hart County, GA):

                          At Intersection of Hwy 51 and CR 301

Sadler, Alton Lee                    b Aug 17 1926     d Aug 29, 1986

Sadler, Clyde Chastine            b 1904                   d 1930                W/Rufus

Sadler, Coraetta                       b May 25, 1871     d May 2, 1938

Sadler, Glenn C.                      b Mar 11, 1892      d Jan 27,  1970

Sadler, Inez                             b Dec 9, 1914        d Jan 14, 1915      D/ Glen & Roxie

Sadler, Infant                           b1937                    d 1938                  S/M/M J W

Sadler, John                             b Jan 23, 1898       d Jan 14, 1904     S/ J C & CORA

Sadler, John C.                        b Apr 9 1860         d Feb 8, 1937

Sadler, Roxie                           b Sep 16, 1892      d Apr 2, 1971       W/Glen



8-08    BETHESDA  METHODIST CHURCH CEM. (Cemeteries of Hart Co, GA):

                              Just South of Bio Church on CR 60

Sadler, Eliza          b Apr 6, 1868  d Mar 23, 1895         W/J C

Sadler, Ethel          b                      d 1886  age 2 ;   D/J C & Eliza

Sadler, Fannie        b                      d          age 4 months, 15 days; D/J C &E





2-24Black  CEDAR SPRINGS BAPTIST CHURCH CEM. (Cemeteries of Hart Co, GA):

                        Hwy 172 S. at city limits

Saddler, Green                 b 1831                d 1914

Saddler, James I.              b Aug 1868       d Feb 26, 1901

Saddler, Louisa                b 1831                d 1892

Sadler, Dock                    b 1892               d 1968



2-27Black   ZION METHODIST CHURCH CEM (Cemeteries of Hart Co, GA):

                         Hwy 172 S, Turn right on CR 509

Sadler, Elizabeth   b Jun 19, 1936      d Aug 28, 1965

Sadler, Sallie L.     b Feb 17, 1885     d  May 8, 1908   D/ L S & C



2-29 Black  SARDIS BAPTIST CHURCH CEM  (Cemeteries of Hart Co, GA):

                      Hwy 77 S to Liberty Hill Rd. (CR23), right about 2 miles

Saddler, Amanda             b Mar 15 1854    d Oct 10, 1909

Sadler, George                 b 1904                d 1986

Sadler, Lizzie, Mrs.          b 1917                d 1984

Sadler, Roderick Nicole   b Sep 4, 1971     d Jan 4, 1985

Sadler, Sevell                   b Aug 15, 1907    d Dec 6, 1954




4-06Black   ST. JAMES CHURCH CEMETERY (Cemeteries of Hart Co, GA):

                           Just SE of 77 Spur on CR 3

Sadler, Asbury        b Sep 15 1925       d Nov 5, 1976

Sadler, Joe               b 1857                   d 1920

Sadler, Lucious       b                            d Dec 30, 1976

Sadler, Waymon        b 1875                d 1954




4-09Black   FLAT ROCK CME CHURCH CEM. (Cemeteries of Hart Co, GA):

                         On 77 Spur  East of Nuberg.

Sadler, Amanda T.   b Dec 28, 1912   d Dec 10, 1946

Sadler, Jim         b Dec 21 1885          d Dec 9, 1944

Sadler, Lucy       b1887                      d 1928      W/JIM

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