Ballenger Family


 Hart County, GA  Marriages  1854-1898

 P2.    Groom                               Bride                                  Date

Ballenger, Charles H.         Smith, Narcissa                      Jun 10, 1871

Ballenger, David P.            Magerity, Matilda C.             Aug 3, 1856



P30      Bride                              Groom                              Date

Ballenger, Bertha                 Winn, David                     Nov 20, 1866

Ballenger, Elizabeth             Brown, Silas W.               Oct 31, 1872

Ballenger, Manervia             Baker, John F.                  Jan 21, 1875

Ballenger, Martha E.            Allen, Moses W.               Aug 10, 1876

Ballenger, Mary E.               Falkner, W. C.                  Jan 3, 1878




Obituaries Abstracted From the Hartwell SUN Newspapers, 1877-1902  (Obit Bk 1) By Savannah River Valley Genealogical Society.



31 Oct. 1890

Ballenger, Joseph : Died near Fellowship Ch, at age 75. He was the father of the Late Joseph Ballenger.



13 April 1896 issue

Ballenger, J. W. : Died in Avalon at age of 8 years. Parents, 4 brothers and 1 sister survive.



Obituaries Abstracted From the Hartwell SUN Newspapers, 1903-1922  (Obit Bk 2) By Savannah River Valley Genealogical Society.








Cemeteries of Hart County, GA.  By the Savannah River Valley Genealogical Society,  c1989.



Ballenger, Charles H.       Aug 01, 1916      Dec 8, 1945    Cem 3-08

                       Sgt. US Army  GA


Ballenger, Nannie K.       Apr 08, 1898       Jan 13, 1919    Cem 3-08

        w/ Joe


Cem 3-08 = Old Fellowship Methodist Church Cemetery in the Town of Vanna.   East of Hwy 17, South of Royston, GA.




1880  Census Hart Co., GA

    Ray’s District:

H25, F26  Ballenger, C. C.     26            GA GA GA

                           Narcissus     29  wife   GA GA GA

                          John                4  son

                          Japheth           3  son

                          Albert             2  son




1870  Census Hart Co., GA

                  Ray’s District

F97 Bellinger, Joseph     53                    F274  Jordan, General B.   23

                       Caroline   45                                            Matilda      35

                         John S.   20                                               Sarah A   2

                         Wm. F.   19                                            Sarah (Sr.)  61

                        Charles    17                              Bellenger, Martha E.   12

                        Elizabeth   14                                   “           Mary E.      8

                       Manerva     12

Martha & Mary Bellenger daus of Matilda C. Magerity and David P. Bellenger  who married Aug 3 1856?See 1860 census.

                       Joseph         10            

                       Ardessy  S.   6




1860 Census Hart Co, GA


      RAY’S District, Eagle Grove Post Office    Jun 16-19,1860


Page 426, Fam300  

   Ballenger, Joseph              43   Farmer

                   Elizabeth C.       43  Mrs.

                    Mary                   14 F

                   Bethany               11 F

                   John S.                  9 M

                   William F.            8 M

                   Charles                 7 M

                  Elizabeth               5 F

                  Minerva                 4 F

                   Joseph                 4/12 M

Thompson, Minerva                19 F Domestic



         HALL’S District, Bowersville Post Office   Jul 2-6, 1860.

Page 492, Fam 774

                             Ballenger, David           25 M  Farmer

                                             Matilda C.     26  F   Mrs.

                                              Martha           2  F (b 1858)


David Ballenger and Matilda C. Magerity married on Aug 3, 1856 listed on p2 of  Hart County, GA Marriages  1854-1898.


When did David die?

Was he in Civil War?


According to 1870 Census, Matilda  is married to General B. Jordan with dau Sarah Jordan 2 (so they married sometime in 1868), and daus Martha E.(12, b 1858) and Mary Bellenger (8, b 1862)

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